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    When I look into your eyes I see everything I want in this world and that is never going to change.
    Stephen F. Campbell (via notorious-love)
    Prometo que no pararé hasta que tus piernas tiemblen y tus vecinos sepan mi nombre.
    I love when we’re driving in your car and you hold my hand in yours. I love when we have endless conversations about life, love and everything else in between. I love when we talk about our past with different people, insecurities set aside. I love it more when we talk about our future, together. I love when you turn my frown upside down and wipe my tears away. I love when I ramble on and when all the words are done tumbling out of my mouth you smile and say ‘I love listening to you talk’. I love when we’re watching serials together in bed and you suddenly say ‘You look so cute, just like that’. I love when you kiss my forehead. Most of all, I just love when I’m with you.
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